Customized services allow clients to rapidly invest and experience growth in their immediate area of concern.

I am committed to rapidly and directly have an impact on your business bottom line.
I will work alongside your organization to develop a scalable and sustainable e-business strategy that incorporates your core competencies and core values. Using strategic services, your organization will be able to sustain and grow the bottom line.

IT audit
• a review of current IT and web infrastructure to determine alignment with company objectives, market demands, and industry changes
• an evaluation of current processes and data collection methodologies to ensure that web and overall company data is comprehensive and accurate

KPI definition (key performance indicator)
• determining your organization’s definition of success
• outlining metrics that drive organizational success
• defining success and outlining metrics that drive success within subsidiaries

KPI Delivery - Dashboard Design and Automation
• simplifying information delivery through automation
• creating information synergy through dashboard designs that rapidly inform key decision makers with equivalent data

Channel analysis and attribution
• determining the impact of marketing channels on organization’s bottom line
• examining marketing channels to establish alignment to business objectives and ensure sustainability of key competencies
• defining channel success through the development of models and benchmarks
• calculating comprehensive marketing ROI
• designing campaign dashboards to communicate overall impact and health of markeiting initiatives

SEM analysis - search engine marketing (seo and ppc)
• definition of campaign objectives and success metrics to ensure ongoing success
• ensuring data clarity through the assessment of campaign data collection process
• analysis of campaign data to determine impact and areas of opportunity
• optimization of both process and campaign to ensure the highest rate of return on campaign investment – (ROI)

E-mail marketing analysis
• measuring e-mail campaign conversions over extended time periods (recency and latency analysis)
• continuous assessment and definition of email marketing pitfalls to guarantee continued email marketing success
• creating action boards based on channel analysis

Testing - AB and Multivariate (mvt) optimization tests
• cultivating the relevance and overall impact of AB and MVT tests
• using inbred and or other AB and MVT tools to optimize visitor experience on landing pages and other site areas
• using KPI’s to model the impact of AB and MVT tests
• creation of short term test plans aimed at optimizating visitor interaction and maximizing short term goals
• creation of strategic test plans that incorporate long term strategic organizational  goals and success metrics