Company Story:
-webjaxon is the brainchild of a Kenyan born, self declared ‘IT Strategist’ with a heart for community development and business management. After working in IT as a Programmer, in Manufacturing as a Network Administrator, and most recently in Retail as a Sr. Web Analyst, webjaxon was developed out of the desire to bring together all the experiences gained in a consulting solution package for small to medium sized organizations that have a desire to grow their bottom line based on the web and IT strategy.
Company Mission:
-to create harmony in the implementation and use of information and technology to all emerging businesses
Core Values:
-integrity -creativity -social responsibility -excellence in service
Core Purpose:
discovery, development, and provision of information and technological solutions to emerging businesses
Visionary Goals:
-be the #1 provider of information and technological solutions to small and emerging businesses -be an example to emerging businesses on how to be involved in community development